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Reinventing the Contact Center

March 26, 2018

The world, where technology is concerned, is evolving by leaps and bounds every day. Just looking at cell phones from 10 years ago to today is a testament to what change can bring. From only being able to talk and text to literally having a home office on your smartphone, the world is in the palm of our hands. Keeping this trend in mind, one has to think about the evolution of contact centers. Are human agents really a necessity still, as bots are replacing the need for a live being, saving time and resources?

There are some issues in contact centers that have yet to be fixed and, in 2018, they are long overdue for a resolution. Yes, using metrics and KPIs are great, but the best possible resources are customers and their direct complaints. Reading and hearing complaints is never fun but it is a necessary evil and they help determine what is wrong and, as it turns out, the reigning issues should be things of the past.

Why must callers still get busy signals? People despise waiting, so it is suggested companies install an automated system directing callers to an online resolution area. Self-service is the wave the future and, with proper guidance, there will be no need for callers to wait on hold or ever experience a busy signal again.

Not only do callers despise busy signals, they are not fans of being transferred multiple times. They are looking for one-stop resolution shopping. The IVR system deployed should be able to direct every caller to the proper agent every time to ensure FCR. This leads to brand loyalty and excellent customer service experiences.

Where do metrics and analytics matter? When the agent has the caller on the phone and is ready to resolve the issue. If all of the caller’s data is pulled up right in front of an agent – prior history, location, everything that might be relevant to the current conversation – it creates a much better, more personalized connection. Make everyone’s life easier and get the software that brings up the full customer history.

Training agents properly will help ensure they can thoroughly resolve customer issues. Cross-training agents in the age of video, chat, text, social media, and email is key because not every customer, issue, or resolution is voice-centric. Knowing this is knowing how to handle your contact center and its needs.

Finally, and most importantly, always make sure to follow up with customers after a call. Were they satisfied? Did they get the refund promised? The new product? Did they sign up for an SMS/email list to receive offers and promotions? Customers make the contact center go round and by staying mindful of this, 2018 could be the year of the rebirth. 

Edited by Erik Linask