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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: ITEXPO, Upstream, and More

January 17, 2018

Between the ITEXPO in Fort Lauderdale, Florida held this week and omnichannel experiences, Contact Center Solutions was brimming with exciting news and announcements. In case you missed any of it, this is the perfect time for the Contact Center Solutions Week in Review.

Being visually impaired is a challenge, there is no debating that. But, it seems that the contact center may be the perfect arena for the blind. As of now, the unemployment rate of the visually impaired is an insane 70 percent. But, this could be the solution. “Outsourcing our overflow calls to a call center during open enrollment is one of the most critical contracts we have to service more clients across the state of Mississippi,” says Amanda Ward, State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) Director, a national program managed at the state level that counsels people on Medicare and Medicaid benefits and helps them with enrollment and appeals. Maybe that number can lower ASAP.

Chatbots, chatbots, chatbots everywhere. At ITEXPO, the value of chatbots was explored and much was discovered as 55 percent of consumers are curious in interacting with business messaging apps in order to solve pertinent problems. Chiirp Co-Founder Mallesh Murugesan, RingCentral VP of Platform David Lee and neXt Curve Principal Analyst and Consultant Akshay Sharma gave their input on the future of chatbots and you can read up on the exciting event here.

Businesses are doing what needs to be done to improve customer experience. This includes offering an omnichannel experience as opposed to the old-fashioned direct-call method. Whether it is via chatbots, SMS, social media, emails, etc., companies are attempting to build brands around delivering the best possible customer service experience. Sometimes, however, multiple channels can create confusion instead of clarity. Do you have a preferred channel?

Finally, Andy McDonald was appointed SVP of Worldwide Sales at Upstream. He has served for the company for a while in other positions so this will be a seamless transition. “At Upstream Works, we have an incredible opportunity ahead of us, to build upon our foundation into our next phase of development. Andy has an impressive record delivering growth, leading teams and significant experience in the industry serving end-to-end customer service requirements. We are excited to leverage Andy’s experience to further our international presence,” said Rob McDougall, President and CEO, Upstream Works. 

Come back early and often next week for all of the news you won’t want to miss!

Edited by Ken Briodagh