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How Well is Your Omnichannel System Performing?

February 15, 2018

Businesses are doing what needs to be done to improve customer experience. This includes offering an omnichannel experience as opposed to the old-fashioned direct-call method. Whether it is via chatbots, SMS, social media, emails, etc., companies are attempting to build brands around delivering the best possible customer service experience. Sometimes, however, multiple channels can create confusion instead of clarity.

Businesses work to make omnichannel communications systems both seamless and efficient, but that is not how consumers always feel. According to NICE InContact’s CX Transformation Benchmark Study-Business Wave, customers rated omnichannel service 17 percent lower than what businesses hoped to achieve, calling for management deploying omnichannel services to rethink their strategies.

The disconnection between consumers and businesses falls into two main areas:

  • Prioritizing Personalization: despite the usage of advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning, customers are searching for extreme personalization every step of the service way. When surveyed, 21 percent put personalization at the top of their lists of purchasing importance. Only 13 percent of businesses see this as a priority, believing easy access to information is the key to success.
  • Embracing Emerging Tools: customers are passionate about not having to actually pick up the phone. For example, 39 percent prefer online chat as the main communication method. Yet, only 16 percent of businesses felt the same. Until there a happy medium and balance, consumers will go where they can access the channels that best suit their needs.

By listening to what consumers want and going on to implement these tools, businesses will have a better chance of customer service success. Additionally, staying ahead of the times and technology ensures no channel is left behind.

How well is your businesses omnichannel system performing?  

Edited by Ken Briodagh