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Jacada Seeks to Change Face of Contact Centers

January 17, 2018

Jacada announced it garnered an investment of $4.5 million from investors such as Israel Growth Partners (IGP), a Private Equity investment firm as well as other current shareholders. The company’s primary focus is on creating solutions to automate customer service communications, shrinking contact center cost while enhancing customer service.

Currently, the Customer Service Automation vision from Jacada is primarily where the bulk of funds will go. It will also touch on enhancing bot development, customer service efficiency, self-service, and Assisted Service solutions development. Self-service is a growing market as it has become the preferred customer method.

It appears that 2018 will be the year that self-service will truly explode as 50 percent of consumers believe solving issues on their own is vastly important. Though contact centers, live agents, and human bodies are “traditional,” using apps and programs is the go-to with human interaction as the last resort.

“The financial show of confidence by our investors strengthens Jacada’s ability to bring our innovative solutions and continue leading this exciting market,” says Yochai Rozenblat, CEO of Jacada. “Our vision to automate customer service operations for our clients will be realized through the innovation of our development team that stands on a solid history of contact center integration, automation, and optimization.”

Other automated contact center features that will be enhanced due to the investment are:

  • Virtual Customer Assistants and Chat Bots
  • Desktop Unification and Automation
  • Agent Guidance
  • Agent Personal Assistant
  • Visual IVR

When it comes to the idea of virtual digital assistants, Tractica sees them as extremely profitable. It is estimated VDAs will generate $7.7 billion in annual revenue by 2025. It is said that these bots can reduce the error rate and labor reduction costs. 

The contact center is headed for a huge change. Are your agents prepared?

Edited by Maurice Nagle