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PodOne Revolutionizing 2018

January 16, 2018

PodOne is on its way to making 2018 a revolutionary year, starting by launching Qubicle ICO this week. Additionally, the company announced former Alpine Access COO, Rob Duncan will be joining the PodOne team.

The mission of PodOne is to link employers and agents together via its decentralized network. This will lower employment costs and raise the bar for how call center agents are trained. As for ICO, it was created specifically to raise the financials necessary to make the PodOne initiative successful.

“Call centers have earned a mixed reputation through hit-or-miss customer service and poor quality standards,” says Marlon Williams, Founder and CEO of PodOne and Fenero. “With PodOne, we are on a mission to change this narrative by changing the way the industry works, in the first decentralized network of contact center professionals, with requisite substantive training and by introducing incentives for top-graded customer service representatives.”

PodOne was derived from the creators of Fenero, a contact center software provider. More than 2,200 contact centers leverage said platform spanning more than 20 countries.

In November 2017, the Miami-based company filed for a U.S. patent to cover its method in deploying blockchain-based technology. This technology aims to handle employer-to-agent work requests, merging extra time in a marketplace, and elastic staffing of human resources. So, where will Qubicle ICO come into play?

Qubicle is an Ethereum-based token, serving as motivation and a reward system for exceptional call center agents. It is also the only transaction method utilized on the PodOne network; QBE tokens will be accepted via PodOne Wallet for publishing content, attending PodOne University, payment for services, etc. Approximately 100,000,000 tokens will be made, 70 percent available during the token sale, taking place between January 17, 2018 and February 15, 2018.

This is just another way to bring incentive to the contact center while involving the latest in cryptocurrency and excitement. Delve into the depths of blockchaining at The Blockchain Event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from February 15-16, 2018. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle