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3CLogic, MapAnything Integration Enhances Agent Efficiency

January 05, 2018

ServiceNow ecosystem partners 3CLogic and MapAnything have integrated their respective offerings to allow for greater call center agent productivity.

MapAnything provides maps, IoT workflow, and scheduling applications. That enables ServiceNow users to view and interact with their data; map field service work orders, human resource cases, and IT incidents; leverage location-based insights to serve more clients daily; and track assets and configuration items locations and know when assets and services are not operational.

The company announced full integration with ServiceNow back in May. And in February, MapAnything announced $33.1 million in new funding during its Series B round, in which ServiceNow Ventures was a participant.

As for 3CLogic, the company provides call center software via hybrid and pure cloud models. The company has around a dozen integrations. And its integrations with MapAnything and ServiceNow help agents serve customers from within MapAnything’s visual mapping workflows. That enables them and their organizations to optimizate data intelligence to enhance customer service and allow for efficient incident resolution.

“This partnership will enable levels of agent productivity never before possible,” said Tom Divittorio, Chief Product Officer for MapAnything. “The integration of MapAnything with 3CLogic’s CTI solution will enable agents to quickly access key insights and intelligence directly from the interactive map, and do what they’re paid to do, close more incidents faster.”

This ties into the larger trend of meeting customers where they are and enabling them to use the tools and interfaces with which they’re most comfortable to get the job done. (In this case, the customer would be the business employing the call center agent.) Also as part of this trend, 3CLogic a couple years ago adding WebRTC real-time calling capabilities to its cloud contact platform.

At that time, 3CLogic’s president commented: “For us, our contact center customers are going to want to have that communications channel be available so that people can connect with their customer service reps or their sales reps using RTC from a WebRTC-enabled browser client. The reason we think that this is going to be pretty important is because WebRTC will get embedded in different application, and it will be context-sensitive, so the interaction will be richer between the consumer and the contact center rep.”

Edited by Mandi Nowitz