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The Chatbots are Here!

December 13, 2017

The sales process is evolving. From the contact center to the row of cold callers in the bullpen, change is at hand, and it’s taking a distinctly digital direction. Innovation is driving an era of digital transformation, with customer service and sales serving as key beneficiaries to this boom. These knowledge workers are now officially part of our SaaSy reality.

This week, eXalt Solutions unveiled its new chatbot interface for its Knowledge Work-as-a-Service platform, promising to provide a rich, contextual experience whether independently or web-form-based.

"Our goal is to transform the B2B sales process with advanced AI rules-based digital advisors for the front office and digital administrators for the back office. Offering an alternative to a web-based interface with a personalized conversational interface is the next step in our journey,” said Leslie H. Swanson, CEO of eXalt Solutions.

Gartner projects that by 2020 85 percent of customer interactions will take place without a human, let’s run through how the newly released “Knowledge Bot” will work toward this reality. Users can put one instance of meta data or rules into the platform and deploy an engagement experience. And because Knowledge Bots are shared across chat and web, the customer experience is seamless. In addition, the chatbot creates customized conversations, offering customers a contextual interaction. A pitfall for chatbots traditionally is complexity, but with Knowledge Bot, it possesses a library of expert knowledge in order to address complex conversations and issues – and offer action steps as recommendations.

Swanson continued, “Our Knowledge Bots offer the ultimate B2B customer experience with unprecedented engagement and the ability to have dynamic conversations. When there is a need to talk to a human, the bot can seamlessly hand off to the right resource at the right time. This is another example of our commitment to our vision of Better Together, where every sales team includes digital knowledge workers and can realize dramatically improved productivity and lead generation.”

The offering involves three iterations of digital knowledge workers. Digital Analysts provide increased visibility and the ability to predict and act accordingly on change; Digital Administrators create added agility through a more connected environment; Digital Advisors aid buyers in offering access to smarter ways to shop and solve problems, as well. 

Are chatbots in your contact center?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz