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Assisting Advisors in Delivering Great Service

October 13, 2017

Advisors need just as much assistance in knowing how to deliver great service as the staff and agents they supervise. In order to teach, advisors must practice what they preach. Netcall compiled ways to assist advisors in delivering great service that benefit the entire team.

Scrum meetings are essential for businesses. A 15-minute morning run-down of the day’s events should include much more than ever before to increase brand awareness. Add marketing information, along with social media and existing campaigns. I will help advisors have a more complete awareness of their business and keep them in tune to what will affect the team and how to strategize around it.

Understanding how individuals in the company or call center are performing should improve managerial decisions. By taking the proper time to get a handle on the team, resolutions will come more easily, increasing effectiveness.

A supervisor must have a grasp on the peak and slow periods. Utilizing slow times for training, meetings, and breaks is a stellar usage of time to gear the team up. Always have on-call workers who can come in at the last minute when workloads become unexpectedly overwhelming. Plan for more with the hope that everything goes as planned.

DMI (digital management information) is a great investment, as it frees up supervisors to help with team building instead of dealing with repetitive menial tasks. Using managerial time more efficiently helps the overall team morale and productivity.

Hours of operation for a call center are imperative. Some run 24/7 while others have strict call hours. The new idea is to match hours with the business they are serving. This makes sense; if someone leaves a store or a business and is dissatisfied, he may want to immediately contact customer service. If the incident just occurred, an agent may have a higher chance of achieving satisfactory FCR.

Being an advisor is not an easy task. By understanding numbers and marketing while mentoring and coaching team members to excel makes a world of difference and helps achieve great service across the business.

What methods, as an advisor, are you using to influence operational efficiency? 

Edited by Erik Linask