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Optimize Digital Customer Experiences with Upstream Works Contact Center Solution

July 03, 2017

Contact center operations incorporate many different technologies, and just as many metrics to assess their efficiency. The level of control is primarily driven by the high attrition rates in the industry, which is among the highest in the workforce. For vendors that create contact center solutions, one of its components usually ends up being agent loyalty. The release of Version 3.0 of Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) will not only optimize digital customer experience, but it will also deliver consistency across the engagement process to increase agent and customer loyalty.

Upstream Works Software develops software designed to bring the customer journey together by seamlessly integrating and managing interactions and applications across all channels for the Cisco Collaboration Platform. According to the company, the contact center solutions it offers allows organizations to gain operational efficiency to transform the connected customer experience.

The UWF platform connects all contact points across the entire organization to ensure the continuity of the customer journey with a uniform experience using an intuitive interface that gives agents full visibility. This type of visibility is essential in today's highly connected world in which customers are engaging across a wide range of channels. The UWF platform supports, voice, email, chat, SMS, mobile, video, fax, social, manual, AnyTask, IVR, web and co-browser.

The developments in UWF Version 3.0 is, according to the company, a contact center solution that will improve agent and customer experience with a simplified architecture benefiting organizations and solution partners.

The new agent collaboration tools include a Chat Conference/Consult so agents and supervisors can be consulted to take part in a conference with customers, to coach employees or address issue of escalation. With the team chat feature, agents are able to consult with other team members that have more experience to share their expertise to resolve customer issues or address any other problems.

The improved customer experience management tools and reports deliver a consistent customer experience by providing a proactive and personalize customer care.

The tools for administrators includes a redesigned Marquee, which allow supervisors to send mass communications in real-time to share valuable information as well as sending alerts to improve organizational efficiencies. Supervisors will also be able to track all agent voice and digital tasks in a single view in the omni-channel agent interval report.

The organizational improvements, includes the ability to deploy the UWF platform in a scalable architecture for large-scale systems with a host of solutions to improve operations. New installation and upgrading utilities, system health monitoring and administration and management applications for all the infrastructure is now available as part of this new version.

"The best way to manage and improve the customer experience is to focus on the agent experience. With Release 3 of UWF, we make it even easier for agents to provide the level of service that customers now demand. They can have deeper engagements with customers, and provide an effortless, rewarding experience. To enhance our value proposition to our partner channels, this release also provides a simplified architecture model with enhanced scalability for greater efficiency and simpler deployments," explains Rob McDougall, President and CEO, Upstream Works Software.