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Intelestream Improves CRM Functionality with Cloud Communications

June 26, 2017

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is applied differently by organizations to address how they want to engage with their customers and employees. When a CRM solution is properly integrated, it brings together the many different parts of a business to create relationships across the entire organization, internally and externally. Communication is key to this process, and the new integration of cloud communications and CRM functionality by Intelestream for RingCentral and SugarCRM customers improves the way they communicate to streamline workflows and increase business efficiency.

Intelestream develops and consults on CRM products, providing solutions related to business processes and CRM technology. By integrating RingCentral and SugarCRM, customers of both companies will be able to launch calls with instant recognition of inbound numbers that are part of the records in the contacts system. The company says this function will reduce call times and eliminate misdials. The integration also makes it possible to apply SugarCRM's reporting tool to RingCentral call data so managers and analysts can go over employee performance.

“Every sales workflow can benefit from a streamlined process. By creating a seamless connection between RingCentral and SugarCRM, this integration makes both solutions far more efficient in a real-world sales setting. It's a simple improvement, but it adds substantial value for our users,” says Mark Weitzel, Senior Director of WW ISV Alliances at SugarCRM.

The service is delivered as a cloud-based communications solution. For RingCentral customers, it means no additional hardware or software. Once it is deployed, it delivers key pieces of information to people within an organization so they can see what everyone is working on. Intelestream says that companies can see upsell/cross sell opportunities, identify cancellations or competitive threats, and improve services to better compete in the marketplace and get ready for future challenges.

The cloud communications features include one-click calling from a number on CRM record to initiate a call. This might seem trivial, but looking for a contact, dialing and managing calls several hundred times a day can quickly add up to many lost hours. And when a call comes through, the inbound insights feature matches the caller with existing CRM records and displays relevant information automatically. This includes account details and other data that have been saved with auto-saved notes.

The reporting mechanism can run reports on all calls so administrators can view phone activity for each CRM user. The report can be used to train employees and improve customer services in contact centers and enterprises.

Edited by Alicia Young