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Contact Center Gets New Boost from Aspect Via 17

June 22, 2017

Contact centers the world over are all but forced to step up their collective game in a bid to deliver the best in customer service, thanks to a growing number of participants in the field who want a shot at the consumer market. Aspect Software, meanwhile, is looking to be a supplier in this particular arms race, offering its new Aspect Via 17 for contact centers who want to be better than the rest.

Aspect Via 17 is the newest version in the Aspect Via line, itself established as a complete customer engagement alternative to provide the best customer service. Since customers increasingly want personalization and multichannel contact options, Aspect Via looks to provide it with a series of powerful tools for contact centers to put to work.

Deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, it not only opens up several different channels for customers to use in contacting, but also offers these through personalized, browser-based interfaces that satisfy the desire for personal service as well.  With support for short message service (SMS) operations at the live agent level, as well as better evaluation systems, improved integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, Aspect Via 17 offers more than ever. Perhaps best of all, the newest version of Aspect Via is now available in Europe, which at last report hadn't really been done before.

Aspect's chief marketing officer Jim Freeze commented, “The service architecture we adopted for Aspect Via provides our customers with an accelerated time-to-value. Aspect Via 17 represents another step in our ongoing continuous delivery cadence of new features that provide our customers with the very latest enhancements to meet and exceed the rapidly changing demands of today’s digital-first consumer.”

Essentially, Aspect has released a version of Via that not only offers more tools, but it offers these on a more readily-available basis, pursuing a market where it hadn't been so visible previously. This combination of powerful new software and wider availability should be an excellent way for Aspect to not only gain traction in the field, but also maintain its position with its current user base. Even better, Aspect's introduction of a commission program—called the Aspect Via Referral Program—essentially allows customers to act as sales reps, a move that should open up still more opportunity for the company by making the entire user base a sales channel.

Aspect has an excellent new piece in the Aspect Via 17 release, and it's the kind of piece that should give Aspect a good run in the market going forward.

Edited by Alicia Young