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Elision Technolab Delivers Contact Center Solution to PMC Bank

June 21, 2017

The customer satisfaction rate in the banking industry varies greatly depending on the size of the bank and region. While small banks with a single branch in small communities are known for great customer service, large organizations with many locations have difficulty achieving the same level of success when it comes to delivering the best possible support. In India, which currently ranks as the second most populous nation in the world, banks face a considerable challenge in delivering quality customer support for such a large population. For India's PMC Bank, the answer was the turnkey contact center solution from Elision Technolab.

As one of the top 10 cooperative banks in India, PMC was receiving a large volume of calls every day throughout its 126 branches operating in six different states across India. In order to address the volume of calls, it contracted the service to a third-party vendor, which was not delivering on the promise of providing quality customer care. The bank wanted an on premises system so it could have more control over the contact center solution it was purchasing.

Elision Technolab offered the necessary contact center software along with hardware from Sangoma, which was able to deliver all of the features it needed. The platform included inbound and outbound calling to respond to customers in real-time with reminders and follow-ups as needed. The calling features were blended together with IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) to provide self-service options for customers.

In addition to voice calls, the new platform also included SMS, email integration, call recording, and hot marking APIs for Card Block functionality. All of the services are protected with high end server and data security at server and data level to comply with financial regulations.

PMC Bank said, “The total costs incurred for handling ‘Inbound and Outbound’ calls by this in-house solution, is the same as the cost incurred in the past towards ‘Inbound’ calls ONLY by an outsource agency. This saves almost 50% of cost for us. These benefits have been achieved in spite of adding more number of Agents for making successful outbound calls, leading to higher business achievements.”

After PMC Bank deployed the turnkey contact center solution from Elision Technolab, it was able to achieve uniformity in response to customers for all calls across all channels. The bank also experienced a 98 percent increase in customer satisfaction by routing calls to the most skilled agents to address the needs of each caller. This not only improved work efficiency of staff by 97 percent, but operational costs were also down while the return on investment increased by 78 percent.

Edited by Alicia Young