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Enghouse Interactive and NEC Canada Announce Contact Center Solution

May 15, 2017

Businesses are looking for ways to improve customer communications by integrating the many different touch points available in the marketplace. And increasingly, they are migrating from physical brick and mortar contact center operations to the cloud for an affordable alternative. Cloud contact center solutions are allowing organizations to deploy an omni-channel center that can be scaled and used to integrate all of the tools to monitor, manage, analyze and improve operations and agent performance.

Enghouse Interactive and NEC Canada have come together to make this technology available in the country with the availability of the UNIVERG BLUE Business Cloud Services Contact Center for a comprehensive unified communications platform.

The collaboration between Enghouse Interactive and NEC Canada is a continuation of the relationship the companies have established to integrate their technologies and create new products. UNIVERGE BLUE, for example, is based on Enghouse Interactive CCSP.

With Enghouse's technology, NEC built and maintains UNIVERGE BLUE in the cloud as an all-in-one Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform with enterprise-grade solutions in its own nationwide infrastructure in Canada. This allows NEC to manage end-to-end deployments of services using its own storage and software-defined network in geographically redundant data centers. For agents working remotely that connect using their personal devices, it mitigates potential security risks, thus ensuring business continuity no matter where a user happens to be.

This is one of the reasons cloud contact centers are becoming the solution of choice by organizations around the world. Don Stewart, Vice President of Sales, NEC Canada, put it this way, “Cloud-based solutions appeal to organizations for various reasons, but in the context of today's contact center environment, the ability to support the 'agent anywhere' model is a critical benefit driving as-a-service adoption, as well as a factor in the decline of legacy solutions.”

As it applies for the Canadian market, Stuart added, “UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services Contact Center caters to this reality, which is quite prevalent in Canada where agents who reside outside expensive urban markets like Toronto and Montreal, often work remotely.”

With UNIVERGE BLUE Contact Center, an organization can handle all customer communication channels, including phone, email, chat, video and voicemail. The handling capabilities extend to skills-based routing so callers can get the right agent to get answers to their queries quickly. And if callers want self-service, a customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can be programmed with the most requested information.

For administrators, UNIVERGE BLUE offers tools to manage and monitor agents in multiple locations with real-time reporting as well as multimedia recording to store all interactions in all channels and media. The recordings can be used to train agents and meet regulatory compliances.

According to NEC Canada, by delivering UNIVERGE BLUE in the cloud, contact centers will have the flexibility, agility and scalability to have resources on an as-needed basis with a monthly subscription model that lowers the barrier to entry with price points even SMBs can afford.