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Smart Link Expands Avaya Contact Center

May 10, 2017

Earlier this week, Smart Link announced plans to expand its Avaya contact center, which is located in Saudi Arabia. The plan is to hire an additional 600 full time agents, with the employment mainly being drawn from neighboring towns in Saudi Arabia. In addition to expanding the capabilities of Smart Link’s contact center to meet the growing levels of demand for customer interaction, this will also aid the Saudi Arabian economy by providing 600 more job opportunities.

In addition, this initiative by Smart Link is aimed at putting a dent in the significant gender gap that is currently present in the working class of Saudi Arabia. Already, Smart Link employs just shy of 70 percent women, a figure that not only surpasses a majority of Saudi Arabian businesses but many in the United States as well. Smart Link also makes a concerted effort to train the women it hires to give them the valuable work experience and education that they need to be successful in the workplace.

This expansion is not only about numbers, but a strategic move for the future as well. “At Smart Link, we aim to support the vision of the government by providing the latest communication solutions to connect government and private organizations to their customers,” said Safwan Al Khatib, the Senior Vice President of Al Khaleej Group and Managing Director of Smart Link. “This offering is elevated by building strategic alliances with leading companies in this industry. Leveraging our strategic partnership with Avaya, we have further expanded to meet the growing communication needs of our government customers, raising the citizen experience in Saudi Arabia to new heights. The addition of 600 new agent seats will significantly contribute to raising customer services to the highest international quality standards.”

At the end of the day, the main goal of contact centers is to provide customers with the best possible experience by aiding them in whatever way is necessary. With Smart Link’s customer base growing, its contact center needed to expand as well in order to keep up. Hiring these additional agents to its contact center is a strong strategic move by Smart Link to maintain its positive customer relationships.

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Edited by Alicia Young