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CTIntegrations Delivers More Solutions with CT Suite Release 3

April 12, 2017

The available technology for today's contact center operators makes it possible to interact with customers across many different channels and touch points. The addition of each technology introduces complexities when it comes to full integration with existing contact center solutions. The CT Suite Release 3 from CTIntegrations is going to solve this problem by giving call center agents a single pane of glass for all of their interactions.

According to CTIntegrations, this visibility is going to give agents access to all channels, a new collaboration channel and functionalities that will improve reporting and search capabilities.

The technology CTIntegrations develops focuses on contact center with software and system integration created from pre-sale design and engineering to implementation. The CT Suite, the company's flagship product, is an omnichannel contact center solution that delivers true out-of-the-box functionality and modular scalability in a user-friendly agent desktop platform. It gives organizations comprehensive access across the entire spectrum of contact center interactions.

The CT Suite Release 3 builds on these features as well as previous versions to deliver even more contact center solutions with better access.

“With our new release of CT Suite, we've made it easier than ever for agents to provide informed, consistent, and highly satisfying levels of customer service via a truly omnichannel and collaborative interface. At CTIntegrations, we continuously evolve our product to meet changing contact center needs, helping businesses deliver an exceptional service experience while optimizing their technology investments,” said Ronny Flaatten, CTO of CTIntegrations.

Contact center and back-office applications now combine all communication controls across any channel and screen pops using client and server side integration. And because it is deployed through the Web client, it doesn't need to be installed onto the desktop of each agent. This makes it accessible on PCs, smartphones and tablets so agents can work anywhere and anytime.

The new collaboration channel brings in chat, voice, email, video, screen/document sharing and annotations with a secure login to give agents the ability to interact with customers across any channel. The collaboration channel is being powered by Moxtra, a mobile-first, embeddable cloud collaboration service that lets people work in real-time or any time.

“With CT Suite and Moxtra's collaboration API, CTIntegrations and Moxtra are revolutionizing contact center efficiency and ease of use by streamlining omnichannel capabilities and supporting collaboration with a mobile-first approach. CT Suite powered by Moxtra seamlessly interconnects all methods of communication, allowing customers to use the method they prefer while enabling agents to leverage customer information across multiple transactions and channels,” said Satish Shenoy, Vice President of Business Development at Moxtra. 

Edited by Alicia Young