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Enghouse Interactive Introduces New Contact Center Solution

March 21, 2017

Enghouse Interactive works to deliver a unified, tightly integrated portfolio that makes life for contact center workers much easier. In light of this goal, the company has launched version 7.0 of its comprehensive IP call and computer recording, quality monitoring and evaluation software: Quality Management Suite (QMS) 7.0.

QMS 7.0 is specifically for communications center (CC) and contact center for enterprise (CCE) customers, and it is being increasingly adopted to provide better user experiences. It is made up of three modules: Call Recording for interaction recording and live monitoring; Agent Evaluation for call scoring and agent coaching in contact centers; and Computer Recording for desktop recording and live monitoring. 

The Evaluation module is arguably the most important and influential component because, when combined with Enghouse Interactive’s Real Time Speech Analytics (RTSA), it makes it easy for supervisors to provide live, actionable feedback to agents. RTSA enables this because it analyzes agent and customer speech to provide real time feedback to agents, team leaders and quality assurance teams about what is being said and how it is being said. For instance, it monitors stress levels, speech clarity, crosstalk, volume and script adherence, all in real time during the call.

The improved Evaluation module gives contact center managers greater visibility into agents’ performance KPIs, which ultimately allows for better decision making to occur. Other enhancements to the Evaluation module include “…workflow improvements to the presentation of questions within scorecards and the ability to conduct evaluations in a separate window from the associated media, making access to supplementary information contained within QMS easier for the evaluator to access during an evaluation,” according to the announcement.

John Cray, Vice President of Product Management, Enghouse Interactive, discussed the importance of these enhancements by saying, “In a global marketplace emphasizing the quality of the customer experience, organizations must have the means to monitor, record, review and evaluate customer interactions, quickly and easily…Enhancements to the Quality Management Suite provide supervisors and agents with much-needed guidance and agility and, most importantly, the ability to continuously improve the value of customer interactions.”

Enghouse Interactive isn’t stopping here, though. It already has plans for QMS 7.1, which will see the addition of multi-channel interaction recording. QMS 7.0 has the potential to be a powerful contact center solution, and it looks like Enghouse Interactive is determined to be the one that transforms operations for the better.