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NeoNova Takes Over Nex-Tech's Help Desk Service Contracts

February 14, 2017

NeoNova, an NRTC company, works to help service providers grow by delivering a variety of subscriber, network management and professional services that are leveraged by a service delivery platform. The company currently serves over 200 affiliates, and helps them provide service to nearly one million subscribers. NeoNova has recently added another customer to its lineup, with its recent announcement that it has acquired the service contracts for Nex-Tech’s enterprise help desk customers.

Nex-Tech connects thousands of people and businesses through a broadband network. Its fiber-to-the-premise technology delivers high quality Internet, with speeds up to 1 Gig, Digital TV, home security, and local and long distance phone service. Nex-Tech also provides several enterprise IT solutions including cloud services, Hosted PBX, network security, physical security and surveillance, a 24-hour network operations center, managed services and assistance with CALEA regulations to business clients nationwide.

Now, NeoNova is responsible for providing Nex-Tech’s customers with help desk and contact center services, as well as additional services, depending on individual agreements. NeoNova’s employees will be providing help desk, contact center, networking and revenue-building services to 230 companies as a result of this agreement.

For some, migrating to a new company could prove to be difficult for help desk customers. However, NeoNova CEO Jason McGinnis stated that he is confident that the migration will be a positive and simple transition for customers, saying, “Our project management team will work with each new affiliate to plan and implement a smooth transition…We've performed hundreds of migration projects. Our proven processes and tools, along with our PMP-certified project managers and experienced operations team, will minimize the impact to both our new affiliates as well as their customers.”

Since Nex-Tech has such a wide reach, it was important for it to choose the right company to undertake this responsibility. Jimmy Todd, Nex-Tech's CEO, explained why the company eventually chose NeoNova by saying, “We conducted a thorough search and vetting process to find the best company to transition these service contracts…NeoNova was the right choice, and we're confident in their ability to continue providing the same excellent level of service that our customers have come to expect.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi