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Yappy Integrates IBM Watson for Cognitive Business Communications

February 13, 2017

With customer experience/service now established as the biggest differentiator in today's business environment, effective communications is extremely important. However, before this conversation takes place, it is important to have relevant information about each customer that will move the conversation along with the end goal of resolving their particular issue. The integration of IBM Watson by Yappy, a service which allows you to send and receive SMS/MMS messages from any PC/Tablet/Web Browser/XMPP client, is going to improve business communications with more insight and greater impact.

As an all-in-one business management platform, Yappy allows organizations to create customer relationships and increase sales by answering questions, getting more leads, closing more sales, targeting prospects, and more. This includes aggregating all consumer-to-business communications and interactions into one channel across website chat, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.

Yappy provides a unified channel for business chat with instant notification, Shopify integration, text analytics, and sentiment analysis that brings together teams and customers. Management can assign, transfer and manage conversations between team members and departments in a single interface. It also brings in customers with CRM integration, custom attributes, geography, caller ID and more so custom tailored responses can be delivered to address the need of each caller.

The AI systems from IBM Watson is going to improve business communications for Yappy with cognitive analysis by measuring the response of how customers respond based on hundreds of data points collected by IBM Watson in real-time. According to Yappy, the type of response you give to your customer will be graded before it is sent to determine if it will deliver better customer service experience. In essence, what IBM's Watson is going to do is provide live coaching based on the responses it has accumulated from the billions of conversations it has in its system.

By using Watson AI and the Hartman Personality Profile scoring system along with entire profile data from different sources, Yappy can create a base decision going into new conversations to inform customers with the most accurate and relevant information, as well as provide more appropriate responses instead of delivering canned responses with little or no context.

In addition to analyzing the customers, Watson and Yappy also evaluate the staff to determine their effectiveness when they are interacting with them, which is followed by a customer survey. The survey is used to improve performance across the board, as well as find customers and employees that are getting along to nurture the relationship and continue to improve the customer experience for the long run.

Edited by Alicia Young