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The Power of Desktop Analytics

February 07, 2017

Written by: Claus-Omar Mundinger, Sales Manager Middle East, ASC Technologies AG.

When a contact center agent speaks to a customer, something magical happens beyond instruction, service or an exchange of information. A human connection is established, and the synergy generated during that connection transcends the reason for the call.  

Contact centers must do everything possible to foster this intangible spark by understanding everything transpiring between the agent and the customer, and desktop analytics is now playing an essential role in providing a 360-degree overview of the interaction.

Gathering Information

The contact center has become a gold mine for the entire enterprise. The latest systems use information gathered from the customer to evaluate products, determine the latest trends, analyze marketing campaigns and much more. Raw data is transformed into useful information to enable executive decision making.

Desktop analytics is rapidly becoming indispensable to this process. An agent’s screen activities are recorded in conjunction with the call from the customer, and the simultaneous preservation of audio and screen activities can be used to determine the agent’s skills and capabilities. For example, supervisors can analyze whether the agent is using the correct applications at the correct time.

Moreover, assuming the agent is following proper procedures, those processes themselves can be analyzed for their efficiency and modified to streamline the entire operation.

Asking Questions

Desktop analytics helps enterprises ask the right questions about agent/customer interactions. These questions include:

  • How much time does an agent take to complete a specific task, and are the correct applications being used as prescribed?
  • How does the time expended compare to other agents and the industry standard, and if there are any tasks causing widespread delays, can they be fixed?
  • Does the order of processes make a difference in overall efficiency, and can a more streamlined system be designed?

By generating and answering these penetrating questions, a contact center can help agents foster person-to-person relationships and satisfy the customer as a result.   

A Broader Context

Desktop analytics provides more than analysis and evaluation of customer-agent interactions; it represents an essential component of omni-channel recording. New international regulations for financial institutions such as MiFID II require preservation of any communications contributing to a completed transaction. Email, chat and video calls must be captured to meet these regulations.

Strict compliance guidelines mandate other capabilities as well including protection of the privacy of sensitive information such as credit card data. A sophisticated desktop analytics program must hide this information while preserving other screen activities. Desktop analytics programs can also automate recording control based on an agent accessing a specific application, pressing a button, selecting a checkbox, typing specific text or failing to do so.   


Desktop analytics is revolutionizing the world of quality monitoring by enabling a 360-degree view of agent interactions. Thanks to its prevalence, contact centers can improve performance, streamline processes and structure raw data for use on an enterprise-wide basis. When used in the context of omni-channel recording, desktop analytics assumes a power far beyond its specific capabilities.

Claus-Omar Mundinger, Sales Manager Middle East, joined ASC in June 2012. With a focus on expanding business, by distributing voice recording and workforce optimization solutions in MEA, he now manages ASC’s subsidiary in Dubai.


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