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Bahrain Launches New Contact Center

January 03, 2017

The Arab country of Bahrain is seeking to better cater to private industries in its nation, allowing for greater business development and a stronger economy. The Bahrain government showed its commitment to this idea with the creation of the Bahrain Center for Commerce and Industry, a committee that works to give private businesses aid from the government in order to start their business, form, and develop in the long term.

This committee has begun a number of initiatives to aid the growth of business, and now has announced the establishment of a contact center which it hopes should continue to foster growth. This contact center will allow business owners and employees to call in and receive step by step help when applying for government aid or seeking more information about certain government programs. The hope is that this will lead to more businesses taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Bahrain government and using them to continue to grow.

This contact center was signed into existence yesterday by Bahrain Center for Commerce and Industry Treasurer Isa Al Refaei and Chief Executive of Invita Bahrain, Rahul Bhalla. The two men will be directly in charge of running the contact center.

“BCCI is committed to providing effective and efficient services to the private sector, and thus continues to revise and revamp its operations,” Al Refaei said. “The Chamber aspires to expand the variety of the services it offers and play a larger role in empowering the private sector and augmenting its contribution to the national economy.”

What the government of Bahrain and the BCCI is realizing is that it doesn’t matter how helpful or useful a product or service is if no one has any idea how to make use of it. Bahrain created a number of incredibly useful programs to help foster the growth of businesses, but realized that they were only going to be taken advantage of if there was no way for people to figure out how. That is the logic behind the establishment of this new contact center, and it should see very positive results for businesses in Bahrain.

Edited by Alicia Young