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Ways to Optimize Call Center Solutions

December 20, 2016

The customer journey – it is often defined by the company through channels by which they can be the most effective. Unfortunately, those who don’t pay attention to the customer when designing this journey will fall short of meeting expectations. If you want to get the most out of your customer service interactions, use contact center solutions to help you understand where customers want you to land. 

One thing for sure is that customers don’t want to have to wait for what they expect you to provide right away. A failure to cater to customers quickly is a nod to poor processes and a lack of investment in efficiencies. It also communicates that the customer experience is low on your priority list, something that is sure to drive up customer churn.

Fortunately, there are ways you can right-the-ship, putting the key elements in place that ensure the optimal experience for the customer. Contact center solutions provider, Aspect recently highlighted three ways to improve the customer journey in a company blog. The company understands that not only do customers not want to wait for attention or resolution, they also have an expectation when it comes to the customer service they do receive.

First, Aspect suggests that you make sure things are smooth upon first contact. It shouldn’t matter the channel the customer selects to first interact, the technology in place should be designed to create the right customer journey. Even if the contact will be by phone, it’s likely the customer will first encounter a self-service functionality to direct the call. If the solution isn’t of high quality, the customer will likely encounter frustration right away. Proper call center solutions can prevent this from happening, driving a better interaction.

Next, it’s important that the agent the customer is connected with is the right person to handle the situation. This doesn’t mean that the right agent is going to be immediately available to talk with the customer. Be sure to have the right number of individuals with the right knowledgebase on hand at all times. Then, use intelligent distribution of your calls to make the right connections. Study this activity to ensure efficiency at all times.

Finally, make the most out of your call center solutions investment to be sure agents have the right information to solve the problem or help the customer. Agents who are uninformed or have to escalate the call aren’t saving you time or money. Make the right investments to ensure the customer has the right journey in every experience with you.

Edited by Maurice Nagle