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Radish Systems' Visual Directory Drives Quicker Calls and Customer Satisfaction

September 22, 2015

Radish Systems, a provider of mobile and enterprise software best known for its emphasis on visual communications, has launched the ChoiceView Visual Directory as part of its Voice with Visuals product suite. Businesses that choose to implement the solution are able to offer customers a more intuitive and pleasing experience when navigating through the organizational hierarchy to reach the department or employee they’re looking for.

Callers are able to benefit from ChoiceView Visual Directory regardless of how the call is carried out, whether over a landline, mobile phone or smartphone or through a Voice over IP (VoIP) application. Upon placing a call the customer is given the opportunity to start a visual sharing session, and if accepted is presented with a visual menu of options to choose from. This menu is displayed on a mobile device, computer or other connected device via the ChoiceView Web App or ChoiceView Mobile App.

The Directory option provides a quick way to visually reach a particular department or employee without navigating tedious call menus or dealing with buggy voice recognition technology; an employee is then notified on their connected devices and the call is directly transferred to them as a shared visual session.

Businesses wishing to implement ChoiceView Visual Directory can deploy it as a part of the company’s multi-channel Voice with Visual product suite, and the solution can be integrated seamlessly over-the-top of new or existing automated business phone systems.

Users can call from ANY phone including a smartphone, standard mobile phone, landline, Skype, webRTC, or other VoIP service while visuals are displayed on a mobile device, PC, Mac, or tablet. ChoiceView callers can use a standard browser or the free ChoiceView mobile app that works with any ChoiceView-equipped business. Businesses can easily add ChoiceView Visual Directory over-the-top of their new or existing automated phone systems.

With ChoiceView, what started out as a regular phone call is transformed to a voice and visual call with endless ways for businesses to serve their customers. ChoiceView can cut call time and costs by more than half in most situations, increase understanding by 600% or more, increase self-service opportunities, and improve user satisfaction and engagement. ChoiceView Visual Directory is one example of a greatly improved way for customers to interact with organizations.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino