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E-Complish Offers IVR to Blue Cross of Idaho

December 30, 2014

Financial services provider E-Complish recently announced that it has partnered with Blue Cross of Idaho to provide Blue Cross with an interactive voice response system that offers Payment Card Industry compliance from within the E-Complish DirectPay platform.

Part of PCI compliance, as TMC has noted previously, is the need for call centers to record and encrypt phone conversations that contain information about customers' credit cards. The overhead associated with compliance lies with the volume of recordings that organizations must collect: businesses cannot forget to record even a single phone call. Products such as DirectPay will record its IVR's interaction with customers when necessary. It can work without fail, and therefore, it can provide Blue Cross with a cost-effective measure that makes sure its phone-based payments are in compliance with law.

Stephen Price, the CEO of E-Complish, noted the benefits to using an automated IVR such as DirectPay.

“We’re thrilled to work with Blue Cross of Idaho to ensure call center PCI Compliance, increased security, and additional convenience to their customers,” Price said. “More and more companies and organizations are seeing the benefit in using phone payment systems because of the security and compliance rules associated with PCI Compliance. The DirectPay IVR system is poised to streamline Blue Cross of Idaho’s current practices and create a strong cost savings.”

The E-Complish announcement suggests that Blue Cross will use DirectPay to handle all of its payments, no matter how a customer gets there. For instance, if a customer speaks to a live customer service representative, he may need to make a payment at some point in that conversation. The representative can hand off the call to the IVR where the automated system will lead the customer through his payment. It is also possible that customers can submit payments entirely through the IVR without ever speaking to representatives. In either case, DirectPay can make sure the transactions are recorded so Blue Cross will remain in compliance with regulations.

Ultimately, Blue Cross should find itself in a better position regarding overall business cost and compliance. The automated system can handle customer concerns that related specifically to payments while call center representatives can focus on non-payment issues. Customers may find their payments and other situations handled more efficiently because hold times and total call times can drop.

Edited by Maurice Nagle