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TouchPoint One Upgrades Acuity Cloud Contact Center Performance Management Software

November 21, 2014

The late New York City Mayor Ed Koch was famous for starting most of his public appearances with the question, “So how am I doing?” That is a question that contact center administrators are constantly asking about the performance of their operations, especially their agents although the question is about “We” and not “I”. 

One company that is focused on providing answers is cloud-based contact center performance management (CCPM) software company Indianapolis, IN-based TouchPoint, who is out with significant upgrades to its Acuity solutions suite. In fact, the latest build for Acuity really represents some major enhancements. These include core platform upgrades as well as new or enhanced features focused on:

  • Attrition management
  • Analytics
  • Monitoring
  • Employee recognition and engagement.

As the company explains, the latest features and capabilities were developed in response to requests from existing customers as well as in accordance with specific requirements for new implementations. They encompass:

Agent Attrition Tracker: Intelligent workflow and related reporting manages and measures attrition from team/supervisor to operation-wide and provides analytics across all configured attributes.    

Enhanced Analytic Modeling: Expanded capacity to create role or asset-centric analytic models – including internal (agent, supervisor, trainer, etc.) or external (outsourcer, staffing provider, etc.) and related default or custom reporting.

Dynamic Relative Ranking: Enables Pay-for-Performance option based on relative ranking rather than fixed-value performance tiers.

AcuityBucks: Added AcuityBucks points/reward system to enable versatile incentive compensation that can be redeemed for gift/gas cards, lunches, gym membership, etc.

AWS Migration: Completed migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) – cloud hosting platform provides global, enterprise-grade scalability as well as increased reliability, delivery speed, server redundancy, and additional back-up systems.

Expanded Monitoring and Survey Forms: Expanded Acuity forms designer and added templates to enable customers to easily replicate custom, create new or edit existing surveys, monitoring or other forms.

Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One in commenting upon the latest upgrades stated: “Adoption of Acuity has gained tremendous momentum in 2014 and customers are starting to realize the broader scope of how it can be leveraged to better align, equip and engage contact center employees and partners."

As noted from all of the functionality, answering the questions about how we are doing is not just about employee performance but also about incentives and rewarding best practices.  It is also another example as to how software, particularly analytics, has become critical for enabling contact centers to improve operational efficiencies and the customer experience.   

Edited by Stefania Viscusi