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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Transforming the Customer Experience with WebRTC

October 11, 2014

As has been the custom the last few weeks, the Contact Center Solutions Community has seen the focus shift from mere discussions of call center technologies to such hot buzz words as: omni-channel, cross-channel, multi-channel, customer experience and customer journey.

First, for those of you who did not know or did not celebrate in some way, this week was National Customer Service Week, which featured the theme “United Through Service.” You may wish to find out a little bit of history as to why this week is recognized and its importance.

I wish to start the rest of the review with my own observations from having returned from the recent Oracle OpenWorld 2014 event in San Francisco where I had the opportunity to kick the tires of WebRTC and gain a deep appreciation why WebRTC and contact center transformation are perfect together.  In fact, it is extremely relevant to all of the other items this week regarding the need for omni-channel and a concentration on the customer journey. 

Other news items that fall into this category included:

  • ContactCenterSolutions’s interview with Karina Howell, Solutions Marketing Manager at Interactive Intelligence, and here observation that Omni-channel is Multi-channel Done Right.
  • A study done by Moxi illuminated that a large majority of customers expect live chat to be available on their mobile devices for sales and support assistance while they shop online. 
  • A recent study in the U.K., which found that shoppers are prone to ditching their mobile shopping carts due to poor customer service.
  • Creative Virtual's V-Person introduction, which highlighted the importance of properly executed self-service as part of the customer experience.
  • In case you missed it, the article about how and why the customer experience really is a journey has links to an interesting webinar you may wish to check out.
  • ContactCenterSolutions Special Guest, Patrice Orenes-Lerma, Solutions Marketing Manager, Bonitasoft raises some great points in her posting, Your Customers' Best Friend: Is it Google? Or is it you?

Plus on our sister channel, you also should be interested in the latest customer experience visualization capabilities from LiveOps.

Other news was a varied group as usual.  Items of interest included:

  • UC and contact center integration specialists Spanlink Communications was acquired by ConvergeOne, an independent integrator of IT, communications, collaboration and customer interaction services.

There were also three items relating to workforce management:

Foreign activities on note also encompassed American outsourcing firm CGS’s new office in the city of Targu Jiu Romania, to keep up with the customers demands for more  multilingual and technical team support

The final item this week was saved for last because while it has to do with the workforce in general it is particularly important to contact centers. Indeed, you should take a look at a new Deloitte study, "Passion at work: Cultivating worker passion as a cornerstone of talent development," which looks at the need to cultivate passion in your existing workforce as a tool to increase productivity.

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