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ResponseTek's Listening Platform Selected by Zain Group

August 05, 2014

ResponseTek, a company that provides enterprise Customer Experience Management (CEM) software solutions, recently announced that its Listening Platform has been selected by Zain Group, a telecommunications operator across the Middle East and Africa, to power its multi-channel, multi-country customer experience program.  The officials from Zain said the solution will be used to further increase operational efficiency by standardizing key customer metrics for benchmarking.

The ResponseTek Listening Platform delivers transactional customer experience insights that are actionable and linked to specific customers and employees. This equips companies to take the action required to save at-risk customers and improve overall customer experience. The solution matches the type of survey to the interaction channel, ensuring an intuitive way for customers to leave feedback while maximising response rates.  

The Listening Platform also ensures that different levels of an organisation are provided with the reports that are relevant to them. Personalised dashboards and scorecards deliver C-level executives with a high-level strategic overview, while frontline staff has access to the granular interaction details required for performance coaching and compensation management.

"We are proud to have been selected by Zain as the software to power their customer experience program," states Syed Hasan, president and CEO of ResponseTek. "Throughout our discussions, we witnessed Zain's deep understanding of, and a commitment to, enhancing the customer experience.  We now look forward to working with the team to collect feedback and monitor improvements to how customers interact with Zain."

In February, ResponseTek announced launch of updates for its Listening Platform. ResponseTek has also achieved a milestone by reaching 250 million consumers globally, thereby earning the position as a trusted customer experience platform. The updated Listening Platform will enable enterprises to connect additional customers; invite satisfied customers to post a message about their positive brand experience thereby utilize them as social media brand promoters; closed loop feature to convert negative feedback to a possible positive one with immediate service recovery action, and much more. 

Edited by Adam Brandt