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Findly's Swarm Enhances Social Gamification to Maximize Participation in Referral Program

July 16, 2014

In order to take steps that can transform your Employee Referral Program, Findly, the on-demand talent market leader and a Symphony Technology Group (STG) company, has added new gamification functionality to its product Swarm, an innovative employee referral solution that empowers employees and improves the quality and frequency of referral-based hires.

Findly’s Swarm can create engaging employee referral programs that spur participation and transform talent acquisition. It revolutionizes the employee referral process, increasing employee participation and improving the quality and frequency of referral-based hires.

Typically, employee referral programs were not able to give adequate and timely visibility to employees as to the state of their referrals in the recruiting process.

 Findly's top most HR product- Swarm platform provides an easy and engaging way for employers to increase participation in their employee referral programs and ensure they get maximum results. Employees can start the game by joining a team, where they earn points based on a variety of engagement actions. The company can encourage competition and participation in the referral program. Other administrators can control all aspects of the referral game, assigning teams, granting scores.

All features of Swarm Gamification are mobile responsive to adapt to any smartphone or tablet screen.

Built for today's digitally savvy and highly mobile workforce, Findly offers a compelling unified platform of technology and services to acquire, manage, screen and engage only warm candidates.

Speaking more about the new enhancement, Jeff Kreutz, Findly's senior vice president, Products, said in a statement, "With the release of Swarm Gamification, we're delivering a totally new way for companies to maximize the impact of their employee referral programs to connect with the best talent. As a result, companies can provide a fun, mobile-optimized and rewarding experience, while enabling all employees to take an active role in the talent acquisition process."

Edited by Adam Brandt