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Twilio Makes Chromebooks Enterprise-Friendly for Contact Centers

July 02, 2014

What's better than having a contact center? How about having a contact center that's less expensive and more mobile? With new Chromebooks, you'll be able to do just this. Twilio, a cloud communications company that provides APIs for several purposes, just formed a partnership with Google that will integrate its software into Chromebooks. The integration, known as Twilio CX, has been demonstrated at the San Fransisco Customer Experience Roadshow event hosted by Twilio.

In the deal, all of Twilio's voice minutes and its entire cloud communications suite will be completely integrated in Google's Chromebooks for Business. The laptops will also ship with a comfy Platronics headset. This is obviously an attempt to create an enterprise-friendly portable computer that will be entirely communications-ready.

The pitch here is that you'll have a portable system which will allow you to move around and still be able to take care of customer service and sales. There is no longer a need to be tied down to the office or cubicle. Everything functions through a platform that can be located anywhere and still provide everything you need to take care of someone no matter where they happen to be when they call.

Also involved in this partnership is LiveOps, a cloud contact center provider that integrates its software into the Twilio ecosystem.

Mike Daoust, head of Chrome for Business sales at Google, said, “Chromebook for Business was designed to provide simple, powerful experiences for administrators and end users. We're excited to work with Twilio and LiveOps to provide a secure and manageable call center solution in the cloud, helping businesses and agents focus on what they do best, versus battling complex hardware and software configurations. This ultimately improves the experiences for administrators, agents, and the end customer.”

This is just one in a series of mobility solutions becoming available to businesses, allowing them to get out of the office and into the twenty-first century!

Edited by Peter Bernstein