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Azzurri Standardizes Expert Routing Feature in Its Multichannel Contact Center Solution

December 06, 2013

Azzurri, a provider of contact center communications solutions and software, has just made Expert Router a default feature of its own Callmedia contact center software. This enticing feature allows companies to more conveniently provide assistance to their clients while also eliminating some of the frustrations that customers have when waiting on the line. This product improvement may continue to solidify Azzurri's position in the global market for contact centers, further improving business operations for its customers in comparison to competitors.

For more than 10 years, Azzurri has offered its customers the ability to opt into a feature in its multi-channel Callmedia solution, known as Expert Router, which is designed to boost the Callmedia’s functionality by introducing intelligent data-aware routing. New trends, however, have called for more intelligent routing solutions, as customers prefer environments where they can switch between channels, such as Web chat and voice, without disrupting their service experience.

By putting Expert Router right at the helm of Callmedia, Azzurri allows businesses to get a full-blown contact center experience right out of the box. Expert Router's features include the ability to route callers to the last agent they spoke to, prioritize abandoned calls to reduce frustration, remember customers' contact histories and route their calls to the proper queues, automatically assign tasks to account managers, route customers according to company policies, and route customers who are particularly vulnerable to an accommodating queue.

Callmedia's multi-channel nature also allows customers to switch channels and still be able to reach the people who can help them best. The routing feature will determine whether a customer who calls in chatted with a particular agent at some point, and then route that customer to the agent, rather than throwing him into a queue where someone random will respond.

Having this kind of feature is monumental to winning over the hearts of one's customers and ensuring that they receive the care they expect.

Edited by Blaise McNamee