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Salmat Rolls Out Cloud-based Feedback Aggregator Software Listen

November 29, 2013

One of the primary challenges faced by contact centers is collecting customer feedback from different channels and deriving insights from them. Either there are low response rates or confusing answers. So, understanding customers’ sentiments communicated via multiple mediums is quiet challenging.

In an effort to unify data from numerous mediums for the expediency of contact centers, Salmat Digital, a provider of integrated digital communications solutions, has launched new cloud-based feedback aggregator software, Listen.

As cited by Salmat Digital in a statement, Listen is cloud-based software solution that aims to eliminate the challenges associated with understanding customers’ sentiments communicated via a range of mediums.

Developed in collaboration with customer intelligence software vendor, Allegiance, the new Listen software is capable of aggregating customer feedback from different channels, such as e-mail, IVR (interactive voice response), SMS (short message service), social media, and QR codes (quick response codes).

With the help of Listen software, customers’ feedback can be gathered, sliced and diced by non-technical users - to create actionable insights with ready-to-go reports. This will facilitate businesses to communicate as well as act on customer insights in a better and efficient way.

One of the interesting features of Listen software is that it can manage unstructured data, converting information such as customer verbatim comments into clear and actionable insights through a web-based interface.

Peter Anson, chief executive officer, Salmat Digital, said in a statement, “Listen supports the development and implementation of an organizations customer experience strategy, making the execution of multi-channel feedback programs easier.”

Anson added, “We understand from speaking to our clients that they require solutions to help them navigate through the data overload and quickly deliver insights to keep their business ahead of the competition.”

Even though, data is capable of delivering an infinite number of insights, it is quite challenging to aggregate. According to Aberdeen Group, nearly 40 percent of firms list ‘data silos’ as one of their top challenges in data driven marketing. Only few marketers collaborate with other departments on an ad hoc basis. So, Listen software from Salmat can be a solution.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker