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Zendesk Survey Reveals Customer Dissatisfaction in Omnichannel Services

November 27, 2013

Zendesk sponsored survey revealed that nearly 73 percent of the respondent customers feel that companies lay more emphasis on generating sales across various marketing channels rather than providing satisfactory customer service across these very channel. The survey was sponsored by Zendesk and was carried out by Loudhouse with a respondent group of 7,000 online shoppers in the age group of 18 to 64 years across seven countries. The report titled “The Omnichannel Customer Service Gap”, included 1000 respondents each from the UK, France, Germany, US, Brazil, Australia and Japan.

The survey revealed that around 37 percent of the respondents expect to connect with the same customer service representative irrespective of the channel of communication, while 47 percent of the respondents expect to be allowed to return goods through a channel different from the channel of purchase. While consumers have these expectations, only 7 percent of the respondents claimed to be satisfied with their experience across omnichannel customer service.

In a release, J.D. Peterson, Vice President Of Marketing at Zendesk, said “The customer journey doesn’t end at checkout. Brands are failing to match their omnichannel efforts in sales with their customer service experiences. To meet the demands of today’s consumers, they need to create seamless customer service across every channel.”

While companies offer various channels to redress consumer grievances, most of the respondents felt that telephone is the best channel to contact customer support. In the survey, 71 percent of the respondents claimed to phone in when an email goes unanswered while 55 percent choose to phone in when a social media note goes unattended. If the phone is not answered, 54 percent will prefer to try and call again; with phone being perceived as the quick method to get a response, 54 percent of the respondents agreed that phone is the first option for contacting customer support.

As per the survey report, 51 percent of Americans choose to use omnichannel resources to make a purchase as against the global average of 67 percent with 86 percent Brazilian respondents reporting to have used omnichannel resources. In the US, 71 percent of the respondents felt that reward programs for purchases and referrals are important in the purchase decision as against the worldwide average of 66 percent. An organization’s reputation for customer service was considered an important factor influencing the purchase, as per 84 percent of the US respondents as compared to the average 78 percent of the respondents from other countries.

Zendesk is engaged in the development of cloud-based software and solutions to improve customer service with a clientele base including Disney, Gilt Groupe and Box among others. 

Edited by Ryan Sartor