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Veeva Systems Unveils Mobile CRM and CLM for Windows 8

November 15, 2013

Veeva works, a provider of cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry, announced the new mobile customer relationship management (CRM) and closed loop marketing (CLM) solution for Windows 8 operating system.

Life sciences companies are searching solutions to equip field users with a single device to streamline selling efficiency and reduce IT maintenance.

The new solutions like Veeva CRM and CLM for Windows 8 provide customers with a full spectrum of best-in-class deployment choices so they can select the mobile device that works best for their needs.

The new cloud-based Veera CRM and CLM will be available on Microsoft Surface Pro and Lenovo ThinkPad Helix devices.

Earlier the company also announced Veeva iRep on the iPad. With the latest launch, the company expands the support of its cloud CRM solution to popular mobile devices and platforms.

For this, Veeva Networks has partnered with Microsoft and Intel to natively design and build a solution that takes advantage of the touch-optimized user interface.

“Veeva designs products to deliver a phenomenal user experience. With mobile, that means building applications that are specifically optimized for each device and platform, not merely compatible," said Brian Longo, general manager of commercial products at Veeva, in a statement.

With these solutions, Veeva helps build applications that are optimized for specific device and platform.

Veeva's combined CRM and CLM solution provides all customer data, interactions, and content in a single application via the cloud. The system integrates seamlessly with Veeva Vault PromoMats, Veeva's promotional materials management application, to ensure sales representatives always have the latest, approved promotional content at their fingertips.

"We are honored to have collaborated with Veeva, one of the most highly regarded software application providers, on their new app for Windows 8," said Craig Dewar, director of marketing for Windows Commercial Tablets at Microsoft. 

"Windows 8 delivers the ability to have cutting-edge technology wherever you are, and the addition of Veeva to the growing list of apps and services available for customers demonstrates our commitment to the industry," Dewar added.

In addition to offering new Windows 8 mobility, the latest release of Veeva CRM also contains new sales contract management features for improved sales execution, and calendar enhancements for better call planning.

The company has also announced integration between Veeva CRM and the recently released Veeva Network customer master solution.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker