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Alsbridge To Conduct eSeminar To Enable Contact Centers Leverage New Technologies

November 11, 2013

Rising penetration of telecommunication services and solutions in even third world nations and consistently developing technological advancements have been making the lives of consumers easier and continuously posing intense challenges in front of the contact center industry.

Alsbridge Inc., a consulting firm that enables companies in transforming and optimizing their overall purchase and management procedures related to technology and business, has announced it will share valuable insights upon how the contact centers can utilize cutting edge technologies for altering their business experience, in its eSeminar titled ‘Cloud Computing, SaaS and SIP - What's The Right Solution For My Contact Center?’ that will be held on November 21, 2013, between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM ET.

The company also offers vital guidance regarding benchmarking and sourcing, and it has emphasized that deploying latest technologies, contact center managers can achieve considerable improvement in customer experience and competitive edge and cut down their operational costs effectively as well.

Organizations participating in the eSeminar by Alsbridge will be able to gain awareness about how the contact centers have been banking upon technologies such as Cloud Computing, Software as a Solution or ‘SaaS,’ and Session Initiation Protocol or ‘SIP’ for introducing flexible deployment options and pay as you go pricing models, achieving rapid expansion and contraction to meet seasonal needs, improving speed to market, gaining better agent efficiencies, enabling easier integration with outsourcers and launching new computer telephony integration or ‘CTI’ designs and architectures as well.

Additionally, the experts from Alsbridge attending the eSeminar will offer honest and practical views upon other solution alternatives, and will also discuss vital acumen they have earned witnessing various events and large scale implementations.

“The pace of technological change, myriad range of options and lack of transparency make selecting and implementing the right set of technologies for your contact center a difficult undertaking,” commented Chip Wagner, chief executive officer at Alsbridge Inc.

In May 2013, Alsbridge launched a whitepaper titled ‘Mobile Consumerization Takes Flight,’ which suggested that around 73 percent of enterprises give outside personal devices access to their corporate IT. The document comprised of suggestions on how to implement ‘bring your own device’ or ‘BYOD’ within an enterprise, including evaluation, proper sponsorship and correct implementation plan; and further stated that popular devices being used for BYOD include tablets and smartphones. Some 49 percent of chief information officers are allowing employees to use personal devices at workplaces and many employees also use their own applications in the workplace, it added.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker