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Intelemedia Secures Call Management Services Contract from Teeter Hang Ups

October 31, 2013

Intelemedia secured a prestigious contract from Teeter Hang Ups to deliver call management teleservices. Teeter Hang Ups is the longest existing manufacturer of inversion products with extensive experience in direct marketing. In a move to leverage the advantages of multiple call centers, Teeter Hang Ups chose to utilize the specialized services from Intelemedia that include reporting, routing and management of calls as well as a hosted scripting feature that combines all call center activities on a standard script.

In a release, Jory Rosen of J. Rosen Group, said “We use a different call center for each media buy, determined by long form commercials or short form commercials, but in a complex environment of many different call centers with different strengths and processes, we needed a vendor to manage the call routing efficiently. When we signed up with Intelemedia, we immediately added two more call centers. We’d heard from others in the industry about Intelemedia’s success integrating all call centers into one platform. We were intrigued – they offered not just routing, but also reporting and analytics all on one platform. That made everything easier to manage, and we received real information that was actionable.”

Teeter Hang Ups recorded approximately 2 percent increase in sales in the first month of its engagement with Intelemedia. The swift increase was noted in second and third months also. Teeter Hang Ups is running with 12 percent of abandoned calls as against 20 percent prior to the contract with Intelemedia. The company expects to see a decrease in the abandoned calls further to shortly reach 10 percent.

Speaking of the development, David Schreck, Chief Executive Officer at Intelemedia, said, “As for all our clients, our goal for Teeter Hang Ups was to provide the routing, scripting and analytics tools, allowing their team to increase performance. We are pleased in the value our system is delivering for Teeter Hang Ups, a proven marketer with years of experience.”

Intelemedia offers its various services under its Leader’s Choice program, which integrates top performers from various call centers to increase sales and customer experience through its cutting edge technology platform. The company also offers reporting and analysis for client to understand specific areas of concerns that can be addressed to increase profitability. Teeter Hang Ups is a market leader in manufacturing definitive inversion products. The products from the company are known for high strength and easy assembling features.

Edited by Peter Bernstein