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Interactive Intelligence and OrgSpan Sign New Agreement

October 25, 2013

Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. has signed an agreement with OrgSpan to introduce a new set of capabilities designed to increase customer satisfaction and improve the overall consumer experience.

Interactive Intelligence provides contact center, unified communications, and business processes solutions for mid-size to large organizations. The company works with businesses all over the country and have become a multi-million dollar organization. It also prides itself on providing the latest and greatest in technology, which is where OrgSpan comes in.

OrgSpan, a team of highly experience engineers and designers, spend their days working on a variety of product development disciplines. They work hard to bring new forms of technology and communication tools to make everything from communication to social networking easier.

Together, the two companies are set to benefit from one another under the new agreement. Interactive Intelligence will offer a private label version of OrgSpan Select, a cloud based application that allows consumers to search and view agent information – while OrgSpan get’s its solution used with thousands of new customers.

"We're excited to partner with Interactive Intelligence to give even more companies the ability to empower their customers with a totally new service experience," said OrgSpan Co-Founder and President Jeffrey Swartz. "OrgSpan Select puts the service experience back into the hands of customers by giving them access to valuable agent information, such as product knowledge and how they've been rated by customers in the past. For companies who use OrgSpan Select, they've just leap-frogged their competition with a major customer service advantage."

In addition, Interactive plans on taking advantage of OrgSpan Connect CIC solution that creates a company directory of all OrgSpan Connect users and users of Interactive Intelligence to have a one-stop shop of detailed information on active employees. Users will be able to see who is available, transfer calls, and communicate with one another a lot better and more efficiently.

No word yet on when the new software will be integrated into the Interactive Intelligence offices.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi