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Moxie Software Helps Telefonica Spain Improve its Customer Engagement Strategy

September 19, 2013

Enterprise social software (ESS) tools are evolving the way companies connect with their customers, as these tools converge customer communications with employee collaboration into a single offering.

In an effort to engage customers across multiple communication channels, Telefónica Spain – a telco provider – has deployed Moxie Software’s chat application (app), Chat Spaces, which will empower the company’s customer service and support operations.

Moxie Software is a provider of customer-centric enterprise social software suite that helps companies to connect employees, customers and partners effectively to engage them in business, share knowledge and collaborate.

Chat Spaces from Moxie Software is part of the company’s Spaces software suite. This multi-channel communication app provides users’ customers with an immediate connection to agents for both support as well as sales.

With the help of Moxie Software’s Chat Spaces, Telefónica Spain is able to augment its customer engagement strategy by providing differentiated and personalized customer experience at scale.

Currently acting as the key component of Telefónica’s comprehensive customer service strategy, Moxie Software’s Chat Spaces facilitates customers to communicate with an agent via online chat, in real-time. Broadly, this live chat software application helps Telefónica Spain to proactively engage its customers who are browsing the website to get non-intrusive assistance.

With the help of Moxie Software’s Chat Spaces, Telefónica Spain is now able to help supervisors manage and monitor active sessions, access real-time and historical reports. It also helps Telefónica generate revenue and decrease shopping cart abandonment.

“With millions of customers, Telefónica has focused its strategy on becoming a leading company in the digital world,” said Mario Soro, director of customer relationship management (CRM) technology, Telefónica Spain, in a statement. “We are always looking for innovative technologies that strengthen our customer engagement strategy. In a complex organization such as ours, Moxie Software provided us with a highly customizable and flexible solution to attract and retain customers.”

“We recommend Moxie Software to our clients, including Telefónica, as it meets the demands of rapidly growing online customer interactions in Spain and Latin America,” said Carlos Molina, vice president of innovation and solutions at IZO, a leader in customer and social media experience management, in a statement.

Edited by Ryan Sartor