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Full Circle CRM Delivers Improved Call Tracking Analytics for Salesforce

August 29, 2013

Full Circle CRM, a provider of marketing performance management solution, has signed RingDNA as one of its Marketing Technology Partners to deliver improved call tracking analytics for inbound and outbound sales calling campaigns in Salesforce.

By pairing RingDNA's real-time call analytics data with Full Circle CRM’s comprehensive campaign analytics, marketing and sales teams will now be able to understand the true value of all inbound and outbound calling campaigns, the company said.

Full Circle CRM, according to company officials, provides answers to all marketing questions in one place and helps customers drive more revenue from every campaign with best-practice response lifecycle management.

Marketers can easily track, manage and report on every response generated. This response-based approach gives marketing executives insight into the key revenue analytics they need to optimize their marketing portfolio and drive more revenue, the company said.

“Adding RingDNA as a partner is a great move for Full Circle CRM,” said Bonnie Crater, president and CEO, Full Circle CRM, in a statement. “This partnership will allow us to track and measure another critical component of the demand generation cycle – the inbound calls that occur as a result of Marketing or Sales campaigns – even more effectively than we do already.”

Important features of Full Circle CRM include Campaign Attribution, Response Lifecycle Management, Marketing and Sales Intelligence.

The Campaign Attribution handles all the complex revenue attribution and funnel analysis so users know which campaigns are driving revenue and can manage campaigns from beginning to end. It includes sophisticated weighted campaign influence module, tipping point campaign credit, campaign-level response scoring, and closed-loop sales follow-up and tracking.

Response Lifecycle Management helps drive more opportunities from every campaign with full visibility and aging for every response regardless of whether it was from an existing contact or a new lead.  It includes central views for response disposition, response scoring, assignment rules, notifications and alerts, and a full view of every historical response and its outcome.

Marketing and Sales Intelligence provides all of the marketing answers right inside Salesforce. The solution includes a real-time marketing barometer, detailed funnel analysis, pipeline influence and “tipping point” reports, and detailed breakdowns of responses from new business vs. house list vs. nurture programs vs. existing customers.

Edited by Ryan Sartor