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Zeacom's ITEXPO Presence to Show off New Contact Center Solutions

August 27, 2013

ITEXPO is in full swing, and the show—running August 27-29 at the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort in Las Vegas—is bringing with it a huge array of opportunities to learn more about the broader communications industry, see what's coming out in the near (and not so near) term future, and of course, exchange ideas and perspectives with an array of names in the industry. Zeacom finds itself no exception, looking to bring in not only a couple of presentations, but a great perspective on the contact center with a set of new tools.

Not only will Zeacom have an exhibit at the Microsoft Lync Partner Pavilion to show off its Zeacom Communications Center software line, but it will also be detailing its director of marketing and product solutions, John Cray, to join a pair of executive sessions and deliver a presentation. The first was entitled “Solving the Customer Experience Equation,” which ran at 10 a.m. Tuesday, and the second one will run on Thursday, August 29, and is called “Turning Data into Customer Experience Excellence.” The presentation, meanwhile, is set for Wednesday, August 28, at 6 p.m., and is titled “Contact Centers on Lync: Success Stories and Best Practices.”

For those looking to bolster that contact center experience, Zeacom is going to be a terrific place to start looking into ways to achieve that goal. Zeacom has had great success in this field previously, including recently working with Weight Watchers to implement the Zeacom Communications Center system in its operations. This step that allowed Weight Watchers to reduce its call volumes to staff members, on average, by 40 percent, and also allowed staff to focus on other opportunities.

Zeacom's success on this front—and others like it—likely has quite a bit to do with the sheer variety of offerings it can bring into play. The Zeacom Communications Center alone, for example, offers e-mail queuing and unified messaging tools, among others, and the company's broader range of offerings not only include several different products, but also training and consulting around these products and the purposes that same can accomplish. That makes going out to an event like ITEXPO particularly valuable, as Zeacom is a company that's already used to providing training and consulting in its product line. That would, in turn, likely make any presentation the company puts together especially effective, and thus more valuable to the business that takes advantage of same.

Zeacom, naturally, isn't the only great value to be had in attending ITEXPO; there are plenty of valuable things to see and experience at the ITEXPO event. But for those looking to augment the customer experience at the contact center level, then checking out one of the many opportunities Zeacom is offering to get in touch will be a great idea.

Edited by Alisen Downey