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Nuance Communications Launches NexGen Voice Biometrics Platform

July 18, 2013

Nuance Communications Inc. unveiled its next-generation voice biometrics platform to redefine the caller authentication process in the contact center industry. The new voice biometrics application identifies natural patterns in voice, which will enable organizations to eliminate the conventional PIN-password-security question sequence for establishing the authenticity of caller. This launch drastically improves security aspect of the authentication process by delivering 50 percent more accuracy over the conventional voice biometrics’ applications.

In a release, Robert Weideman of Nuance Communications, said, “The acceptance of voice biometrics is accelerating, and has become one of the hottest areas of our business. In just the past two years, the total number of consumers who have enrolled voiceprints with banks, mobile providers and other organizations has tripled – from 10 million to 30 million. Organizations recognize that by providing the natural voice interface and high level of security that voice biometrics affords – right at the point of authentication – they can deliver a much more compelling experience to their consumers, with enhanced security.”

The new product also ensures smart identification of the caller’s voiceprint with high precision, thus restricting any ploys to bypass the authentication process. The deployment of this new technology offers significant cost benefits to organizations by drastically reducing call times and eliminating the costs incurred on security tokens and token scanners.

The voice biometrics technology has traditionally been deployed in the call center industry; the new innovation triggered by Nuance Communications is encouraging organizations to deploy the technology in other areas requiring customer connect, such as authentication for SmartTV, mobile devices and to access patent records. Voice biometrics is now being perceived as a revolutionary technology that can be deployed across all channels of customer service.

Nuance Communication’s voice biometrics technology enjoys an almost 80-percent share in the commercially deployed voiceprints market across the world. The clientele base of Nuance Communications includes T-Mobile, Eastern Bank, Barclays Wealth, Vanguard, TD Waterhouse and Turkcell. Nuance’s voice biometric solution is preferred by organizations around the world to provide instant and secured account access to customers and also automate the fraud detection process.

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