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HootSuite Announces Integration with Attensity

June 27, 2013

Social media management system HootSuite has announced a new integration with Attensity, a provider of multi-channel contact center solutions for enterprise customer care groups.

Ryan Holmes, CEO at HootSuite, said that its customers are increasingly turning to social media to ask questions, complain and give praise. He feels that brands need a strategy, as well as the right tools to manage the onslaught of communication.

“HootSuite's integration with Attensity allows the world's largest brands to cut through the noise on social media to engage with their customers and resolve issues quickly,” said Holmes.

Global organizations can increase their audience count with the help of HootSuite Enterprise as it enables them to launch social campaigns. Moreover, organizations can also identify audiences and based on that distribute targeted messages across multiple social channels.

The integration with Attensity's automated workflows and reporting capabilities will enable HootSuite Enterprise clients to streamline workflows, including multiple-channel routing, queuing, escalation. Company officials said that both the HootSuite and Attensity interfaces enable full-time social care agents to reduce time-to-answer in high-throughput environments.

In addition, the clients will also be able to streamline workflows such as text-analytics and business rules; multi-channel engagement capabilities; and unified customer intelligence reports, according to companies’ officials.

The integration provides the benefit of focussing on actionable messages from customers and prospects, including cries for help, intent-to-churn, and intent-to-buy signals and cutting down on clutter.

In addition, agents can move seamlessly between open social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and private channels such as e-mail, surveys, and private forums. Moreover, the integration streamlines unified customer intelligence reports by bringing insight to customer sentiment, agent performance, top and emerging issues, top compliments, competitive threats and more.

Kirsten Bay, CEO at Attensity, believes that the partnership with HootSuite will further their efforts to bring customer intelligence into enterprise-wide strategic decisions, driving action and increasing revenues.

The integration is expected to be made available to HootSuite Enterprise and Attensity clients later this year.

Additionally, HootSuite and Attensity have planned to host a complimentary webinar, called ‘Empowering the Front-Line to Improve Your Bottom Line’ on July 11, 2013. The webinar will discuss how enterprises can leverage customer engagement to delight customers while powering customer and market intelligence.

Earlier this year in February, HootSuite incorporated paid advertising into its dashboard in the new rollout of HootSuite Promoted Products integration for Twitter.

Edited by Ashley Caputo