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Gigaset DECT Phones Compatible with TELES Convenience Services

June 24, 2013

Gigaset has easily incorporated its DECT telephones with TELES virtual phone system or PBX. The completely standard-amenable DECT telephones are now compatible with the complete functionality of the TELES PBX.

In a statement, Oliver Olbrich, COO, TELES said, "Gigaset, Europe's first and foremost supplier of DECT phones, is the very first provider to have successfully completed our interoperability test. The test confirms that Gigaset devices fully support the important functions that users require for a modern and convenient service. Once again, the test proves the compliance of our communications solution with all the common standards."

TELES utilizes its Managed Cloud Services to deliver a completely purposeful communications solution. All local PBXs are substituted or improved with the help of an Internet accessible central server platform. Users can now advantageously utilize a well-kept virtual telephone system hosted on a central platform, available all day and night. Users are also not required to invest in additional hardware and software.

Customers can be offered cloud-based telephony systems by manufacturers of TELES platform-friendly end devices. Network operators can also concentrate on promoting their telephone offerings, without worrying about characteristics like easy operation and virtual telephone system administration. A versatile and high availability telephone system can also be leveraged by enterprise customers. This system, administrable through the Internet, can also be easily modified to the specific requirements of the customers

Hans-Jürgen Huber, head, Business Customers, Gigaset said, "Thanks to the interoperability of TELES infrastructure solutions with Gigaset N510 IP Pro and Gigaset N720 IP Pro DECT devices, a powerful telephone solution is available combining mobility with fantastic ease of use."

Manufacturers can ensure the serviceable compatibility of their end devices with TELES components using the TELES interoperability testing or IOT program. TELES offerings are therefore always high-tech, manufacturer-free and attuned with the finest end devices. End device manufacturers can test their offerings with the TELES IOT program in a real-time environment. The TELES IOT lab, located in Vienna, can test numerous devices concurrently.

Gigaset is an international communications organization based in Munich, Germany. The organization is a major provider of DECT telephones in Europe. The organization, with nearly 1,400 employees, offers its products in around 70 countries.

Edited by Ryan Sartor