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Interactive Intelligence Honors Avtex with 2013 Vision Award

June 13, 2013

Interactive Intelligence has honored Avtex with the 2013 Vision Award. The Vision Award is awarded to the reseller who has showcased a ground-breaking application as well as the progressive utilization of Interactive Intelligence’s comprehensive IP communications software portfolio.

Avtex’s incorporation of the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center or CIC software suite with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system has been honored by the Vision Award. Concierge services from MyAssist, a Noel Group organization, were improved as a result of Avtex incorporation. MyAssist allows users to access specialists in travel and reservation services, web-based research, emergency services and medical assistance, all day and night.

In a statement, Paul Weber, vice president, sales, Interactive Intelligence said, “Avtex has truly shown its visionary capabilities with this integrated solution by going above and beyond the customer’s initial requirements. This award underscores the unique value Avtex delivers by offering the right technology and expertise to optimize customer experiences. As the Noel Group project shows, these unique capabilities are having a significant and positive impact on real-life businesses.”

Application information from the CIC telephony and Microsoft CRM systems is made available by the Avtex incorporation on all MyAssist agent desktops. Users can therefore access an all-inclusive customer profile comprising of name, location and request, concurrently with the call.

Brad Rutta, marketing director, Noel Group said, “When we started talking to vendors about enhancing our CRM system, Avtex said, ‘not only can we make your CRM goals a reality, we will integrate your call center functions and make it all work together from a single, scalable system’. This was huge for us, because it meant we could get everything done through a single vendor. Today, we are working from a far faster system that enables us to deliver exceptional service through our contact center. We have taken the personal assistance and concierge service to a whole new level of speed and personalization.”

The older version of MyAssist agent support system had disparate CRM and telephony functionality, forcing agents to shift between applications to get incoming caller information. The latest single desktop interface from Avtex advantageously utilizes the versatility of CIC to merge telephony and asset management functionality into a single application.

Edited by Jamie Epstein