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Ways to promote your brand: Online & Offline

April 01, 2013

Online marketing is the best way to promote your products. This way you can reach people with no restrictions of the conventional marketing. When you have a product to sell, and you need more customers, and yearn to earn a lot, then the online marketplaces let you enjoy what you want to. While there are many online marketplaces, this piece of information, tells you about how to sell your products to these online marketplaces.

1. Put effective advertisements

You can put quality and effective advertisements on the online marketplaces that are free and does not cost you a penny. The advertisements will make the customer aware about your product, and with the more awareness the customer will be finally trying your product. Thus, effective advertising can help you in generating massive sales conversion. Affiliate marketing is the best idea as it will help you in selling your products to your target buyers.

2. Use Social Networking sites

This is one of the most successful online promotional tools for your product. Make a list of short and long keywords that are mainly used by the target audiences for searching the similar products you are going to promote. You can get the help of Google Analytics, which shows the, keywords of low and high competition. Then put these keywords in the messages which will be shown on the different social networking platforms like Facebook.

3. Blogging

This is also one of the most effective ways to promote the products online. It is pretty fun for the readers and target audiences to check out the reviews, stories and testimonies about the products they are intending to purchase. Blogging provides a good source of information about your product so establishing a blog about your product will surely be a logical step for the product promotion. Put some elevator pitch in the blogs that will etch the minds of the audience. Nevertheless, ensure that you will have to update your blog at regular intervals so that the target audiences get the latest information about your product.

4. Create a website

For promoting your product online you can create a squeeze page if you have only one product to promote. This is a single page website with no navigation, and it leads directly to the sales offer.

Second option is to create a micro site that will be a miniature website about a single product. But the website will have multiple pages such as online videos, FAQ page, white papers, blogs etc. This type of website is required if you are selling some complicated product and you need to provide a lot of information about it.

Next option is to build a standard e-commerce website if you want to promote and sell multiple products. Many times marketers utilize a comprehensive website with multiple landing pages, with one for each product or service.

5. Promotional Gifts and giveaways:

It is critical for businesses to keep their brand name in the forefront and increase product visibility. One of the most commonly methods used with effective results is the use of various promotional products and giveaways amongst existing customers and prospects. The fact is that other sources including magazines, newspapers or visual billboards promoting a product can be overlooked by a customer, but the true impact of promotional products serves as a permanent reminder of that product for the prospective customer who uses it. Such products usually have the name of the company, along with the logo on it. You can get advantage of some professional websites such as to promote your business through corporate branding of various gift items and similar stuff.

Edited by Ashley Caputo