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Vidtel and NobelBiz Enable Contact Center Video Conferencing

June 11, 2012

Video has become a very important way for enterprises and other organizations to communicate with their customers. Vidtel, a video conferencing service provider, announced a partnership deal with NobelBiz, a contact center provider specializing in value-added long distance services to provide contact centers with a cost-effective, zero-complexity solution for using video conferencing to enhance customer care.

This joint Vidtel-NobelBiz solution was presented by James Siminoff, NobelBiz president, at the 8th Annual Contact Center Technology Forum & Supplier Expo held on June 7 in Livingston, N.J.

"Until now, the only video solutions that our contact center customers had access to were proprietary,” Siminoff said. “This deal immediately makes available the hundreds of millions of people using networks like Skype and Google Talk."

"Video delivers a more meaningful customer interaction,” Siminoff added, “and by allowing a consumer to use an existing network, NobelBiz customers can now leverage that channel at scale."

As per the agreement, NobelBiz has agreed to offer its 500+ contact center customers access to Vidtel's cloud-based gateway service, the first such solution for the contact center industry. With this, NobelBiz believes its customers can quickly and cost-effectively extend their SIP-based video infrastructure to communicate with consumers who use Skype and GoogleTalk and for video calling.

"Enterprises increasingly understand how video conferencing enables a richer, more interactive experience, and contact centers are no exception," said Scott Wharton, CEO at Vidtel.

"But a lack of interoperability between SIP-based platforms and consumer services such as Skype has prevented them from leveraging the power of video. The combination of NobelBiz and Vidtel eliminates that barrier and enables contact centers to provide a superior customer experience," Wharton added.

Founded in 2008, Vidtel is the pioneer of, providing compatibility between a diverse set of business-grade and consumer-grade video endpoints. The firm allows even small and medium enterprises to affordably experience the productivity of high-quality video conferencing between dispersed employees, partners and customers. Vidtel is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, CA.

NobelBiz, Inc. is a facilities-based carrier specializing in NobelBiz sells services directly to major call center clients operating hundreds of call centers worldwide. NobelBiz offers LocalTouch and SMART Touch services that enhance the effectiveness of both inbound and outbound calling campaigns.

Edited by Braden Becker