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Why Businesses Connect Their Phone Systems with CRM Software to Manage Customer Relationships

May 30, 2012
By ContactCenterSolutionsWorld Special Guest
Cory Childs, VP of Sales at Axia Technology Partners -

Businesses and service providers across the globe strive to improve customer relationships and satisfaction, while also attempting to increase employee productivity in all departments. Many enterprises are realizing that phone system and customer relationship management (CRM) integration can play a big role in addressing and furthering work efficiency, customer interaction and company growth.

As a result of acquisitions or rapid growth, companies want a methodology that helps manage customer relationships in a well-organized, proficient manner. Local businesses everywhere are turning to full-service IP service companies to simplify customer relationship management in a form that can also be used to manage marketing efforts and campaigns, generate new leads for sales teams and improve overall business strategy.

While the benefits of phone system and CRM integration are numerous, here are the top seven to consider when evaluating needs:

  1. Helps deliver better customer service with simplified call handling by giving inbound call handlers easy access to contact and caller information.
  2. Easily records information about each customer service interaction, improving the customer’s experience resulting in repeat business.
  3. VoIP solution works with existing infrastructure to reduce overall cost of ownership.
  4. Makes your business and customer service reputation more competitive.
  5. Keeps pace as your business requirements change, in which your systems may need updating.
  6. Provides improved accuracy through automation of logging calls to CRM database.
  7. Allows employees in any department to increase productivity and serve customers simultaneously.

Phone system and CRM integration allows for the formation of individualized relationships with customers, which will in return improve customer satisfaction, maximize profits and identify the most profitable customers.

Edited by Braden Becker