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TMC Contact Center Solutions Week in Review

April 14, 2012

Given the flood of news this week regarding contact center solutions, it’s difficult to know where you should turn your attention first. Several interesting items surfaced this week regarding community sponsor Interactive Intelligence, so that seems like a logical place to start.

First, mark your calendars for the webinar, Cloud-based Contact Center and Unified Communications: Is it Right for Your Business? As the title states, it’s a place for obtaining critical information on all aspects of consideration for moving your contact center solutions to some type of cloud-based capability. While you’re at it, check out the recently launched Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions channel

Other Interactive Intelligence developments include my visit with CMO Joe Staples for an update on their poplar Goat Program; the opening of a new technology training center in West Lafayette to help train Purdue University students to be better prepared for IT careers after college; and the announcement of the featured speaker lineup at the company’s Interactions 2012 conference this year in June.

Industry buzz:

There was a lot of chatter in the industry from a host of different companies and places worth noting:  

  • Aurix announced the launch of its newest Version of its Analyst Solution with a focus on enhanced use of speech analytics.
  • planetRE, a cloud vendor of online real estate, announced a new feature under the planetRE Socialite CRM platform to bridge the gap between organizations and their clients via multiple social networks. 
  • ContactCenterSolutions Contributor Tracey Schelmetic detailed how Latin America's Copa Airlines is using Web self-service to help its contact center customers find answers to their most frequently asked questions.  
  • The global need for contact center agents and the ability to have them work at home was highlighted in news that virtual contact center services provider Alpine Access is looking to hire 150 Canadian-based employees for work-at-home positions in the next 30 days. 
  • VoIP systems provider Viper revealed it is upgrading its systems to support contact center functionality.  
  • Windesheim University of Applied Sciences was the subject of a contact center upgrade with AltiGen's MaxACD for Lync 2010.
  • ContactCenterSolutions Contributing Writer Daniel Brecht reported on Cicero Inc.’s new Cicero XM, a Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution that simplifies, extends and automates processes to improving business/user productivity.

Speaking of the at-home model for contact center expansion, Ms. Schelmetic had a nice piece on the subject. This is a very timely subject, and you are invited to attend a new webinar, “Work @Home vs. Brick & Mortar: How @Home is Transforming the Contact Center Industry,” on Tuesday April 17.

Taking advantage of all this community has to offer in the free Contact Center Solutions eNewsletter, videos, podcasts and the links to valuable white papers is a great way to stay informed. This includes the link to Interactive Intelligence’s CaaS QUick Spin so readers can experience real-time communications in the cloud.

Enjoy the weekend!