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Next Generation of Jax Say Hello Launched

May 19, 2008

Jax Say Hello has announced that after successfully completing an eight month beta testing phase, a new enhanced version of its service has been launched.
Jax Say Hello is a local market advertiser supported voice portal.
The latest version brings together mobile coupons, traffic reports and driving directions with free directory assistance to provide mobile users with a way of completing their most frequent tasks by simply using their voice.
"Jax Say Hello has been able to harvest a double-digit percentage of the local directory assistance market in less than a year," said founder and CEO, James J. Geddes, Jr.
"Our service has the potential to save Jacksonville consumers more than $20 million annually, with all of the savings remaining here in the local market, something that is of great interest to the local merchant advertisers. And the addition of the new channels for Mobile Coupons, Traffic Reports and Driving Directions further expands the local audience of consumers our advertisers want to reach."

With the latest version of the service, users have access to advanced Voice and SMS services as well as free directory assistance thanks to advancements in "automated speech recognition, Voice and SMS Smart Ad Server and rapid development Web-based Live Agent Call Center integration technologies."
With the latest enhancements, it is possible to use ones voice to search for mobile coupons, traffic reports, cheapest gas, weather, horoscopes, movies, and more.
According to the company, their service is beneficial for the mobile user, who is offered the service for free by viewing a short ad, and is also beneficial to local merchants who traditionally advertise with print coupon envelopes, magazines, postcard decks and directory books, as they can now "very affordably reach targeted "Ready-to-Buy" mobile consumers with the Mobile Coupon Channel regardless of the consumers' cell phone type or wireless carrier."
"On a daily basis we're seeing greater than 90 percent repeat callers with most calling back every day for a variety of reasons such as needing real time local traffic reports, weather forecasts, sport scores, flight status or even to listen to new movie reviews. The business model is no longer limited to consumers wanting a business telephone number two or three times a month. Because of our rapid development call center integration technology wedded to our Smart Ad Server we're able to create even more consumer friendly channels such as our forthcoming Ask Anything and Price Comparison channels," said Geddes.
To make all this possible, Jax Say Hello makes use of directory assistance speech technology from Nuance as well as utilizes the Voxeo Prophecy SIP media server and SIP application server to "quickly develop and deploy automated speech recognition and intelligent call routing applications." Also, Jax Say Hello incorporates of SIP trunking technology from BandTel for high quality, economical Internet telephony services.
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