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Jamcracker Announces the Integration Toolkit for SaaS Vendors

April 09, 2008

Jamcracker, an on-demand services delivery company, has announced the Jamcracker Integration Toolkit (JIT). This toolkit is designed to make it quick and easy for Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors of all sizes to make their applications available within the Jamcracker Services Delivery Network (JSDN).

An XML-based do-it-yourself service integration framework, JIT greatly simplifies the effort required for publishing SaaS solutions to the JSDN Global Services Catalog.

Several vendors have already used the solution to publish their applications on the JSDN, including Averiware, Brainshark, LongJump, RHUB, Topia Technology, and XOffice International.

"As business acceptance of SaaS accelerates, software vendors of all sizes are seeking easier and quicker methods to start reselling their SaaS offerings to respond to rising customer demand," said Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director of THINKstrategies, in a Wednesday statement.

THINKstrategies is an independent consulting firm, and the Founder of the SaaS Showplace, an online directory of SaaS solutions and best practices.

"The Jamcracker Services Delivery Network is emerging as one of the industry's leading SaaS aggregation and distribution hubs for both software vendors and service providers because of its rapid on-boarding capabilities," Kaplan added.

Any SaaS ISV who is part of the JSDN have the ability to leverage Jamcracker’s ecommerce WebStores, billing, provisioning, customer support, helpdesk and administrative services.

Webstore allows ISVs to directly resell their services in addition to reselling through Jamcracker’s global service-delivery channel partners such as Telcos, Value Added Resellers (VARs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Web Hosting providers that rely on the JSDN to offer SaaS products.

Jamcracker created JIT in order to provide on-demand as well as traditional software partners with a fast on-ramp for selling SaaS versions of their applications. This integration framework makes it easy for vendors to make their products JSDN-ready without in-depth knowledge of the Jamcracker Platform, as well as its associated provisioning and billing mechanisms.

A working knowledge of XML is all that is needed to use JIT. Jamcracker provides ISVs with developer support as well as certification and acceptance-testing of the JSDN adapter.

"Until now, Jamcracker would develop adapters on behalf of our ISV partners. However, demand for specialized and vertical software applications from service providers, resellers, and their end-user customers has necessitated the creation of an open integration framework to allow self-service solution publishing," said Steve Crawford, vice president of marketing for Jamcracker, in Wednesday’s statement.

"The Jamcracker Integration Toolkit allows software vendors to get their applications into our delivery network quickly and easily, so service-delivery partners can create custom solution bundles for their customers. Meanwhile, it enables us to grow our ecosystem of services at a compounded rate."

As companies continue to expand and grow, as well as the proliferation of companies operating in the SMB sector, the demand for SaaS solutions over proprietary systems has grown substantially, creating significant opportunities for those who offer their solutions in an on-demand format.

Jamcracker has launched a specialized toolkit that will enable vendors to advance their efforts, reach the target audience faster, and deliver solutions in such a format that it meets their immediate needs, thus driving further demand for their solutions.
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