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April 04, 2008

Lots going on in the call center space these days. From new call center openings to contract and award wins, ContactCenterSolutions has got you covered. Here is a review of these weeks highlights.
Vangent announced this week it has been awarded  a multi-channel contract from the United States General Services Administration (GSA) to provide "highly sophisticated" and "responsive" contact center services to citizens via multiple channels including phone, telecommunications devices for the deaf (TDD/TTY), e-mail, postal mail, facsimile, the Internet and other media.

Also, as part of the contract, Vangent will provide customer support services during national emergency and crisis situations.
Strategic Contact also announced they were awarded a GSA/FAS Schedule Contract for Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS). With this, the company is qualified to provide a full range of management consulting services to improve federal agencies’ contact center performance.
Also this week, call center services provider iQor announced the opening of its second call center in India.
The new call center, located in Delhi, will employ more than 1,000 people by the end of 2008 and iQor has said it will provide employees air conditioned, home-to-home transportation to and from work.
StarTek, a provider of BPO services and a strong promoter of community service in its organization, has also announced the opening of its 20th North American call center.
"I am proud of how StarTek employees have responded to this company's legacy of community service and have continued to make a positive difference. StarTek will continue to increase our community support as we open new sites and grow throughout North America," said Larry Jones, president and CEO of StarTek.
ClickFox also made headlines this week for its Customer Behavior Intelligence (CBI) solutions which allows customers to identify and analyze their complete customer experience.
“It’s a system to create a cradle to grave view of the customer experience, from entry to exit, from point of sale to what drove the customer to the help desk,” said ClickFox’s John Pasqualetto.
“We take data, sessionize it, and draw value from it by determining how Web hits, IVR calls, and agent calls are related. It’s about adding experience and value to metrics.” READ MORE HERE.
Also this week, an interview with David Tang, VoSKY’s vice president of Global Marketing highlights VoSKY's partnership with AltiGen to bring Skype to call centers.
With AltiGen    and Skype, it's possible to have remote call center agents and route calls to them for free across the Skype network. Also included is VoSky's Web Click2Call capability to help sites reduce 800-number usage and meet real-time communication demands.
Finally, this week a TMC Webinar sponsored by Performance Edge, "Train right – Secrets to Success for the Contact Center," highlighted ways to improve individual and operational performance in the contact center and other critical factors to enhancing productivity. If you missed this 2nd presentation in the 3 part series, no fear, check out the archived version HERE.
That’s all for this week, but be sure to check back with ContactCenterSolutions throughout the week for all the latest in contact center-related news as it happens! Until next week…..
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