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Esker's International Mail Solution Selected by eSlip

December 07, 2011

Enterprises of all sizes and capacities have to manage and process a number of documents such as estimates, invoices and timesheets in a timely and accurate manner in order to comply with standard business practices. There are a number of solutions available in the market that help companies in taking care of all these document related formalities in an enhance way.

Esker, a provider of document process automation solutions, has announced that eSlip, a startup company that helps its customers in management of their estimates, invoices, expenses and timesheets, has selected company’s comprehensive online accounting solution for enhancing the efficiencies of its international mail, fax and email delivery services.

The company provides a wide range of cloud computing solutions that allow companies of all sizes to automate the reception, processing and sending of any business document with one platform. These solutions take care of all sorts of business processes ranging from accounts payable and accounts receivable to sales order processing and procurement. More than 80,000 companies across the globe have been relying upon Esker’s solutions for cutting down the use of paper, eliminating manual processes and enhancing their productivity.

eSlip had been launched around one year ago in France, with an aim to offer a simple, web-based application for the companies who are not into doing their accounting themselves. Soon after its introduction, the company decided to expand its services into the U.S. market as well.

“A lot of the companies we work with don’t necessarily have an accounting department to effectively manage their workflow, and we built eSlip as a simple, web-based application that essentially does a company’s accounting for them,” commented Louis Le Coeur, president at eSlip. “Our intentions started modestly, mailing 40-50 documents a month in France, but quickly shifted to targeting a global customer base. We needed a partner that would enable us and our customers to use the same platform in both France and the United States,” added Coeur.

“From a global standpoint, we didn’t consider anyone but Esker, as their technology allowed us to print in the U.S. and France from the same system, and it was incredibly easy to implement and communicate between platforms,” noted Coeur. “And, no other competitor had fax capability, Esker is a unique player in this field.”

After deployment of the Esker International Mail Solution, eSlip is now capable of printing documents all across the world, as the solution had been completely integrated within three weeks.

In October 2011, Esker announced that it has been selected by Sodexo, provider of on-site service Solutions and Motivation Solutions, to drive the automation and outsourcing of faxed food orders received by Sodexo from 800 restaurants located in France.

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